What Should You Do at a Live Event-If you haven't attended a Live event or about to attended one, ever think to yourself, what should I be doing when I'm there?

Here are some ideas to consider when you make it out to Live Events…

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What Should You Do at Live Events?

1. Network

Meet as many people as  you can and build relationships with them.  You will never know where that relationship may lead in the future.  It could lead to joint ventures, future partnerships, working together on certain projects, teaming up… The list is endless.

When you build relationships at Live Events, those relationships tend to last longer into the future because only the people who have a similar mindset to you would take the time, effort, and invest in attending the live event, so the people who show up are people you would like to get to know and spend more time with.

2. Take Pictures

Take picture of the event, take pictures with the people you meet, take pictures of the hotel, the city you're visiting.  These photos can help out in the future with different marketing campaigns you run after you get back from the event.

You never know if someone is an up and coming leader and getting a photo with them can help, if they either release a course of their own or have an upcoming training webinar that you can leverage using the photos you took at the event.

Sharing pictures of the event also gives your audience a glimpse of your lifestyle!  Lifestyle photos are incredibly engaging.

3. Create Content

Take the lessons and notes you learned from the breakout sessions or trainings and create content for your audience.  If there is a specific strategy that leaders share, share those tips with your audience.

Events are perfect places to pick up ideas for content that can help solve your audiences problems.  The speakers and trainers there at the event are at the top of their game and are on stage for a reason.  Whatever tips and strategies they share with you there is going to be gold for your audience too!

4. Pick the brains of Top Earners

If you are able to purchase a VIP ticket to the event and are able to spend time with Top Earners in the industry, make sure to ask the top earners you meet good questions.

Questions like:

What was the biggest mindset shift you had to make before you had your biggest breakthrough in your business?

If you had to start over again in building your business, what would you have done differently?

If you knew what you know now back when you were first getting started, how would you approach building your business?

What's the most effective marketing strategy you found to work the best for you?

These type of questions are great to help you grow your audience because you are asking people who are successful what they did to succeed in their business and their advice can help someone who is struggling to build their businesses.


Use these tips when you make it out to a Live Event.  It will help you make the most out of it when you make it out to one!


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