Skimboarding, Breakdancing, and Online Marketing is a SkillThe 4th annual Vid Summit Kicked off in Los Angeles and had a ton of Influencers, brands, and creators coming to one place to share their best secrets to building a brand, building an audience, and how to create content to monetize your audience.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways I received from attending the Vid Summit by Derral Eves.

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VidSummit Secrets from Top Influencers and Brands


Jeremy Vest on Boosting Website Traffic with Facebook LIVE

Stability is important on Live videos.  If you're on the move and not on your desk, use stabilizer devices like FlowMotion or EVO Gimbal for your phone.  This help with shaky videos when you're on the move doing your Facebook LIVE Videos.

Evo Stabilizer



If you are doing Facebook LIVE videos from your desk using Static videos, its great to use a MEVO Camera.


Don't go LIVE without a Plan.  Have an idea of what you want to cover with your audience so your LIVE video is not just random.

Be more Interactive rather than Educational.  Get your audience involved, ask them for comments interact with them but don't get too side tracked that you forget about delivering the content you promised your audience in your headline.

Make your content about your Audience and share something that matters to THEM!

Going Live is about THEM, not You! -Jeremy Vest

Do what your viewers ask, get them to interact with your LIVES more by asking them what would you like me to do next?

Use Hashtags for people to find your content on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Hack: After 3 days re-optimize your content by commenting and changing the meta data to resurface on your audience's newsfeed

There is no Silver Bullet.  Put in the hard work and just get better – Jeremy Vest

Deliver the message you promised in your headline.  Don't use Click Bait – A headline that you can't deliver on in the content of your video.

The best ways to get people to an external website is to:

  1. Tell people where to go in your LIVE Video
  2. Drop a link in the Comments
  3. Link in the Description
  4. Teasing throughout your content

Ultimately you want to build an audience that cares about you and will search for you!

Advanced LIVE Video Marketing Strategies – Luria Petrucci

3 Strategies for Advanced LIVE Video Marketing

  1. Stand Out
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Show Flow

How to Stand Out – 4 Levels of Live Streams

Level 1 – Selfie Stream

Exactly what it sounds like.  This is where you are holding your camera with like you're taking a selfie and starting streaming

Level 2 – Mobile Gear, Browser and Apps

Luria also mentioned the benefits of using mobile gear like stabilizers if you are doing dynamic videos where you are walking around.

Check out the examples of stabilizers from earlier in this post.

A couple of recommendations would be using tools like Be Live for interviews

Be Live

as well as professional software like Switcher Studio, where you can incorporate up to 9 cameras for your LIVE stream and produce higher quality and creative Live Videos.

Switcher Studio

2 Kinds of LIVE Video

Live Shows

Live shows are where you have a regular planned schedule when you go LIVE and sharing the stream from your home office or a static location.

Life Streams

Life Streams are when you are out and about bringing your audience with you to locations you frequent like going to the beach or paddle boarding.

It's great to mix up the two different types of LIVE Streams for your audience!

2. Content Strategy

What is  your goal when you are going LIVE?

Are you going LIVE for Lead Generation or Brand Awareness?

Be very clear on your goals of why you are going LIVE.

You can also use Messenger Bots in your LIVE video to generate leads during your live stream just by having your audience type a keyword into the comments of your live stream and on the replay.

If you want to learn how to use Messenger Bots to Generate Leads, check out this course by one of my friends and mentors, Antonio Thompson, Bot Mastery Pro.  He lays out exactly how you can use Messenger Bots for lead generation to improve your marketing efforts.

Bot Mastery Pro

You can create freebies for your audience and have them claim it during your facebook LIVE Stream by typing in a comment during the stream.

Promote Your Facebook LIVE!

A big mistake people make when going LIVE is not using all of their assets online to bring people to your stream.

Before you go LIVE on Facebook promote it to your Twitter Audience, your Instagram Audience, Facebook Audience…

Social Media

And Email your list with the headline “We're LIVE”.

Email list

This will get more people to watch your LIVE Streams and engage with you when you are on!

3. Show Flow

Two common mistakes when doing facebook live videos are the “Can You Hear Me Now” Mistakes and the Squirrel effect.

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

This mistake is where people stall during the beginning of their live videos saying they are waiting for people to hop on.

Instead of waiting for people to hop on your facebook live, just dive straight into your content.  Think about the audience that watches the replay, they would be waiting for the content and loose interest before you even dive into the content you would be sharing.

“Squirrel Effect”

This mistake is made by trying to catch up with everyone that hops on your LIVE videos. Acknowledge the people who hop on your LIVES briefly and then keep on going with your content!

Here's how your Show Flow Should Go

  • Tease Your Content
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Ask for Engagement
  • Answer the Question
  • Engage
  • Provide Value
  • Engage
  • Repeat
  • Summerize
  • Call to Action

Profile vs Page?

If you're struggle to figure out where to start building your facebook audience, on your personal profile or your fan page.  Just remember that there is only so much you can do on your personal profile.

Go LIVE on your Fan Page and move the audience you have built up on your personal page by telling them to join you on your Fan Page.

Fan Pages allow for more flexibility in your marketing.  You are not limited to the 5000 friend limit on a Personal Profile and you can run Ads and receive metrics from your audience's engagement on your Fan Page.

Don't worry if you're not getting engagement from your Fan Page just yet, just focus on providing Valuable content to your audience from your Fan page and eventually the engagement will come, once you develop a better relationship with your audience on your Fan Page.

Keynote Speaker Gary Vee

Gary Vee Vid Summit

One of the biggest messages that Gary Vee shared during his Keynote is the message of Regret.

There are so many people living their lives and taking it for granted.  The odds of becoming a human being is 400 Trillion to ONE and we walk around taking that for granted.

One of the best advice that he mentioned was to go volunteer at a nursing home for an hour and talk to the people who are at the tail end of their lives and the biggest theme they talk about is Regret of the things they didn't do.  If you're lacking on motivation, do this and those conversations will pierce your soul that you will no longer lack on motivation.

Check out the LIVE Streams from when Gary Vee took stage here:

Here is the LIVE Stream I did from when Gary Vee took Stage

LIVE Stream Q&A with Gary Vee

One of the biggest takeaways I had from Gary Vee was to focus on Blindly bringing value to your audience.  Build your audience by providing them with value instead of trying to think how you can monetize them.  If our intention is to monetize our audience, that will show in every piece of content we create.  If we focus on providing value to our audience without any expectation of anything in return, our intentions are pure and we will build our audiences and businesses quicker.

Jon Penberthy and the Sweet Science of Direct Response Video Marketing

Jon Penberthy Vid Summit

If you don't know Jon Penberthy's story, here's a little background on him.  He has been online for 6-7 years and has built all kinds of online businesses, he speaks 4-5 times a year and has made his first Million Online by age 22.

He is a master at Direct Response Video marketing and shared some pretty killer strategies at Vid Summit…

Jon Penberthy

I was there so I got you covered! =)

Directs Response marketing is defined as getting your audience to take an action immediately after finding your content.  Whether that be to opt into your list, visit your website, or buy your stuff.

One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle that Jon figured out was that with Search Traffic, people are telling you exactly what they want and are willing to pay for the solution.

If you can get your message in front of this audience when they are ready to buy, you can make a killing with your online business.

According to Cisco, it is 53X more easier to get ranked on the 1st page of Google with a Video that with a Website.

If you can position your videos to rank for one particular keyword or phrase, your audience can find you when they are ready to buy.

Some people think that Shorter Video ads would preform better on Facebook, where they would try to get the audience to move to their external websites quicker but what Jon shared was his team tested Longer Videos taht were 4-6 minute plus and found that those ads converted better!

The thinking behind this is you build the Relationship ON the platform (in this case Facebook) then soft sell your audience to check out more by inviting them to your website which will be more of a sales page than a relationship builder.

Video Ads Need to Do 1 of 2 Things…

  1. Entertain and Educate – which are Content Videos
  2. Emotionally Compel Your Audience – These are Story Videos

Heres how the Timeline of Converting Videos Work

Grab Attention (30-60sec) —> Teach (3-5 min) –> Invite (30-60sec)

How to Grab Attention:

  • Movement works great on Facebook- Walk around in Your Videos
  • Introduce yourself
  • Make a BIG Statement or Bold Claim/ Controversial Statement
  • Intro what they are going to learn
  • Use Open Loops

Teaching in Your Video:

  • Give a teaser or a small piece of value from your Main Training or Product
  • Recycle something you learned yourself
  • Share the overview of your method, strategy or process
  • Teach through illustration – Use a whiteboard or pad to share your training


  • If you liked that you'll LOVE this – and share your product or training
  • Tell them exactly what to expect on the next page
  • Soft Approach – invite them to check out your product rather than trying to hard sell them to check out your website
  • Use phrases like “I've spent a lot of time putting this together.”
  • The more you PUSH the less people will hop off of facebook to check out your webiste

Story Ads

When using story ads, we are looking to create the know like and trust factor while building up an Emotional Conntection.

Write out what your audiences Desired Outcomes are versus their Pain Points before starting the ad writing process.

8 Steps to Creating a Converting Story Ad

Step 1 – Introduce yourself and share with your audience what they are going to learn

Step 2 – Start sharing  your story starting with the before.  Allow your audience to relate to you by sharing what your pain points used to be and how they made you feel

Step 3 – Transition into your small wins

Step 4 – Start sharing the big wins, the results you were getting  and how your life was changing and how it made you feel

Step 5 – Transition into what you're doing now and how your life changed.  Include the desired outcomes that you know your audience wants

Step 6 – Transition into your Call to Action – Ex. If any of my story resonated with you, then I'd love to invite you to…

Step 7 – Tell them what to do next

Step 8 – Closing thoughts – Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to listen to my story and hopefully I'll be able to help you with XYZ.  Click the link below and I look forward to seeing you on the next page.

Those were some awesome nuggets from Jon Penberty and his insights to using Direct Response marketing with Video Ads!

Take aways from Vid Summit with Steven and Lanacia Rachel

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