Go Pro 2017 was off the hook!

It's amazing being part of an event where there are so many Network Marketing professionals coming together in one space.

So many nuggets were given and here are just a few of the lessons I personally learned from the event that can help you in your journey in Network Marketing…

The Next Level…

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I found an Attraction Marketing training platform that taught me the skills of generating leads online and branding myself as an authority. So if you are looking to reach the next level in your business, begin to brand yourself, AND surround yourself with a community that can help teach you these skills, I highly recommend checking out this platform.  You and your business deserve this!

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Takeaways from Go Pro 2017

Tips from Eric Worre

3 Steps in Network Marketing
  1. Sell Valuable Products & Services
  2. Grow a Distribution Network
  3. Increase Productivity through Leadership

If you found a product or service that is valuable to your target market, you're already a third of the way there in growing a thriving business.  The next two pillars focus on growing your distribution network by recruiting reps or distributors to help share the products with their network.  Building a team increases your organizations productivity and you increase your teams productivity through leadership.  Learn how to step into a leadership role and lead by example.  Never ask your team to do what you are not willing to do yourself.

Understand the Statistics of Your Organization

Out of 100 People:

  • 70 are customers
  • 20 are Social Enrollers – Recruit 1-2 People
  • 5 are Retailers – Recruit 3-5 people, primarily service their customers
  • 3 are Recruiters – Recruit Between 6-9 people
  • 2 are Super Recruiters – Recruit 10+

Super recruiters are the engine that drives it all.  Most people don't finish what they start in anything.  Just accept these numbers as they are.  The more your organization grows, the more it will look like these statistics.

The World is not Served by You Playing Small – Eric Worre

3 Areas to Develop to Become Successful

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillset
  3. Strategy

Most people focus on Strategy.

What strategy can I use to grow my business? Which Social Media platform is the best to use? How can I get more engagement on my Facebook LIVEs?

All of these questions revolve around STRATEGY but two things have to come first before you pick a strategy.

First, you have to get your MINDSET right before you develop a strategy and Second, you need to develop your SKILLS before you can effectively execute a Strategy.


6 Pillars of Network Marketing Duplication

  1. Lead by Example
  2. Get People started Effectively
  3. Getting Started Checklist
  4. Your First Customers
  5. Your First Distributors
  6. Their First Check is Important

Benefits of Network Marketing Business

  • Dont have to build infrastructure
  • Low cost of Entry –
  • No Inventory
  • Support System in Place
  • Don't need to raise a lot of Capital

Pillars of Maximizing Your Performance

  • Employ Yourself, treat your business like a job not like a business, have hours you are working on your business and schedule it on a calendar.
    • It's what you do when no one is watching that is going to make the difference in your business
  • Pillar 2-Set Your Hours
  • Pillar 3 – Maximize Your Time
  • Pillar 4 – Crush Procrastination – Fill work hours with productive activities
  • Pillar 5 – Stay on Track – create series of rewards and punishments to hold yourself accountable, surround yourself with people who will push you in the direction of your dreams

Help Others Achieve their Dreams & You will Achieve Yours – Les Brown

The Power of Community

People join for products and stay for the community

Recognize people, give them shoutouts, plan events for your team, do life together virtually, Rise up Leaders, lead from the front, set specific goals for your team

Lessons from Tony Robbins

Focus on what You Want, not What You Fear.

The moment you do the right thing for your business, there is still going to be a lag time before you see results.

Fear = Energy is low.  Charisma is Energy

Information without Emotion is Barely Retained – Tony Robbins

Emotion is what humans are after

To Influence another person, you have to know what already influence them – Tony Robbins


Energy is created by Motion.

We don't use our bodies enough today.

We wake up in a box bed, sit in a box table, drive in a box car, to a boxed cubicle, only to come home to watch a box screen and open a boxed refrigerator to drink a cylinder.

Your state affects your action and behavior which influences your results.

There are two things that affect your state.

1. Your Focus

2. Your Physiology

Your entire life is your Physiology and your state.  Only a radical change in your focus or physiology can change your state.

Physiology comes first.

What Youre Focusing on is Your Feeling. Take control of your focus.

Do this Exercise:

Your state affects your interactions with people.

Talk to someone thinking that they are a complete waste of your time.  Pay attention to your body, are you making eye contact, are you leaning back, are you speaking slower?

Talk to someone thinking they are a long lost friend you havent seen in a while.  What happens to you body, are you making eye contact, are you leaning forward, are you speaking faster, high energy?

You can always change your state by what you focus on and the way your body moves.

The Power of Identity

The strongest force in human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves -Tony Robbins

Expand your identity by doing things that challenge you.

Create a personal brand and Identity that does more for others than anyone in your industry.  Do more for others than anyone else.

People buy Identity.  You need to know who your ideal client is.

Ask yourself, How can I do something that will set me apart to help people with no expectation of anything in return?

5 Keys to Building a Brand

  1. Understand the power of Identity
    • Clients go away- raving fans stay
  2. Identify & Articulate your competitive advantage
  3. Practice Communicating it congruently
  4. Live it!
  5. Market it!

One of the biggest takeaways that I took from the Go Pro event was the importance of learning how to brand yourself to differentiate yourself from other network marketers who are promoting the same product.

You can develop your own unique brand by just being yourself and having a unique selling proposition.

If you need help learning How to Brand Yourself Online, here is a post I did to help you do that:

4 Simple Steps to Branding Yourself Online

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