Why I Created This…


I created this workbook because I wanted to show people that they can take something that they already love, are extremely passionate about, know how to do really well and create what I call a “Freestyle Lifestyle.”


A Freestyle Lifestyle is a lifestyle that allows you to have control over your schedule, spend more time with your family, and spend more time doing the things that you really love to do.


To make a living from doing what you absolutely love to do. To be able to come and go as you please and not have to worry about asking for time off or having the money to take a spontaneous trip when you want to.


Have You Ever Heard the Old School Advice of:

“Go to School…

Get Good Grades…

Find a High Paying Job After You Graduate…”



This Old School advice of becoming successful doesn't work anymore. 


The Internet changed that!


You no longer need to follow this advice if you learn the New School way of becoming successful.


The New School way of becoming successful uses the Internet to create an income around what you already know how to do.


There is so much information out there on how to become create an income online, that there isn't a simple step by step plan to follow on what it really takes to create a Freestyle Lifestyle around what you love to do.


That’s why I created this handbook.


If you're a Millennial who wants to break free from the Old School way of becoming successful, (the plan our parents taught us) then follow the New School plan and grab your copy of the Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook!



I Believe There are 3 Things to Focus on to Create a Freestyle Lifestyle:



Growing up, did you follow the plan your parents taught you?

Challenge your old beliefs of what were taught about what it takes to become successful in today's world.



Discover the New School Skills you didn't learn in school to become successful in today's modern age.



Learn how to express your own uniqueness and stand out from the crowd, when you follow the moves to create your Freestyle Lifestyle.

If you grew up being told that following your passion doesn't pay the bills, they were wrong!



Here are some questions

you should be asking yourself:


  • How fulfilled are you with what you do for a living?


  • Do you absolutely love what you do? or are you doing it just to pay the bills?


  • What do you find yourself constantly thinking of while you're at work?



In the Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook, You will Learn:

  • The Moves You Need to Learn to Create a Freestyle Lifestyle


  • The Skills You Didn't Learn in School


  • The New School way to Become Successful


  • 3 Resources to help you create your Freestyle Lifestyle


  • How to Create Your Personal Brand


  • How to Build Your Following


  • How to Capture Your Freestyle


  • How to Put Together Your Freestyle Set


Here's What to Do Next…


The Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook is absolutely free!

Use the information in the workbook to discover what you need to do to create your Freestyle Lifestyle.

Come back to it when you are stuck on what you need to do next to create your ultimate lifestyle.

The Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook is a guide to show you which moves you need to learn and master to create your ideal lifestyle.


Grab your copy below and till next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!



My Personal Guarantee To You…


My guarantee to you is these moves, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. If you take massive action and master these moves, you will get results!


These are the moves I learned on my own journey to creating a Freestyle Lifestyle.