Destrie’s Online Business Resources

rsz_destrie_recommendsWhat's going on!

Something that usually pops up in conversation when I'm working with people is,

“What are the tools that you are using in your business, Destrie?

Or what courses, books and events would you recommend checking out?”

So instead of answering these questions all the time, I decided to put together a resource page together so people can check out the tools I use and decide which ones works best for them and their business.

It took me some time to find the right tools that best fits me and may take some time and research on your end to find what fits for you as well.

Disclaimer – some of these resources are affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission when someone makes a purchase through any referral links.

So here you go – everything you need to grow a successful online business.

My Lead System Pro


This is THE Attraction Marketing system and training platform I personally use to grow my business online.  It is literally like having a Harvard Education for Online Marketing and Attraction Marketing built into just one system.  You can set up your own Personally Branded Blog, have access to 6, 7, 8 figure trainings, access to a community of Entrepreneurs who want you to succeed, a top notch Customer Relationship Manager, Hosted Media, and so much more…

3-Minute Expert

blog_3MEDo you want to learn how to become an instant authority in your niche?

Blogging is one of THE Best strategies to growing your business online and capitalizing on Internet “Real Estate.”

There are only two things you really own Online, your Blog and your Email List.

If you want to learn how you can become a Blogging Master, like Ray Higdon get this course.  After all, he's the one that created it 😉




Copywriting Mastery

Copywriting MasteryThere is a science to being able to Sell Online.  Copywriting is essentially “Salesmanship on Print” If you are building or looking to build an Online Business, Copywriting is one skill I HIGHLY Recommend you learn more about.  After all if you want to be able to write Dangerously Persuasive Copy to have people Buy Your Stuff, you're going to need to hire a Copywriter or Become One!





Aweber Autoresponder

aweber-reviewThere are only two things that you actually own when you're building your business online…




  1. Your Blog
  2. Your Email List

I personally use Aweber to grow my email list and follow up with the people who visit my Blog and websites

You can Take a 30 Day Trial Here


How to Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity

bookhowtochoose If you're looking to choose which Network Marketing Opportunity is the best fit for you, check out the book How to Choose a Network Marketing OpportunityYou'll learn what to look for when selecting the best company for you!




onepassword-icon-large-cbea0ec5d67cbb3711119753c4abab57As an Online Marketer, you are going to have to remember a lot of Passwords and Login information…

Or you could just remember ONE Master Password and forget the rest… You can do that with 1Password, where it stores and encrypts all of your Login and Password information so you never have to get frustrated trying to remember your login info.




dropbox-logos_dropbox-vertical-blueDropbox is the File Storing platform I use to keep track of all of my files related to building my online business.  You can access all of your files through an Internet Connection and continue to work on your business, even if you were on vacation in Hawaii.  That is if you choose to! 😉







Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling is a great tool for you to be able to schedule consultation calls, book sessions with your clients and send reminders on upcoming appointments.