3 Ingredients to SuccessThere are three ingredients to success that if you master, you will be able to get the results that you are looking for.

The first ingredient is incredibly important and if you miss it, you wont get the results that you are looking for…


The Next Level…

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, there might be just a few skills that you're missing. A lot of network marketers are missing out on the lead generation and branding side of the marketing equation.  Network marketers believe in the Personal Development aspect of building their businesses, but haven't been taught the skills of How to Generate Leads Online or Branding Themselves.

I found an Attraction Marketing training platform that taught me the skills of generating leads online and branding myself as an authority. So if you are looking to reach the next level in your business, begin to brand yourself, AND surround yourself with a community that can help teach you these skills, I highly recommend checking out this platform You and your business deserve this!

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3 Ingredients to Success



One of the most important key ingredients to success is to have a insatiable Hunger to make it happen.  When someone has this Hunger for success, all excuses disappear because you just want it so badly that your previous excuses of time, money, knowledge etc. doesn't serve you in getting the results that you are after.


People struggle with consistency because consistency stems from developing a Habit.  The people who struggle with consistency simply haven't developed their actions into a habit just yet.

Let's use the gym for example, if you haven't been to the gym in years and recently had a “Hunger” or strong desire to get back into shape, the first few weeks is going to be rough.  Until you develop the habit of going to the gym every day.

When you first start building your business online, everything is new and you haven't figured out which activities to focus on developing a habit on.

3 Activities you can focus on developing a Habit on when building your business is

  1. Building Your Audience
  2. Engaging Your Audience
  3. Selling to Your Audience

Here is a previous post I did on these 3 Activities:

3 Step Online Marketing Formula


If you're not getting the results you're looking for in your business, chances are you are not adding enough value to your audience.  Focus on helping your audience solve a particular problem or frustration that they are facing.

Providing upfront Value with Content that helps solves your Target Audiences problems and frustrations will deepen the relationship you have with them.

Here is a post I did that can help with ideas for creating content for your audience:

How to Create Content for Your Audience

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