Have you ever wanted to make more just by working your passion?  I'll share with you 3 creative ways you can fund your passion with an online business.

Do you have a skill set that you can teach others how to do?

Are you an artist, musician, dancer, or creative soul who can easily create works of art?

If you are, your skills coupled with online marketing skills can help you to fund your passion and create your very own Freestyle Lifestyle business.

Here are 3 creative ways for you to use your skills to fund your passion:


Online Mentoring

With your skills you can mentor or coach people to do the same and charge for the time that you spend with each person on an hourly basis, based on the value of the skill that you are able to teach them how to do.

The more valuable the skill, the more you will be able to charge for your one-on-one coaching time.


Creating Your Own Courses

Creating your own courses can create leverage for your time so you can help a lot of people through your course.  There is a lot of work upfront when it comes to creating the course but once you have it up and running, you are able to continually profit from the work you put out initially.

You could host your course on a platform like Teachable.com or even a Private Facebook Group.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can supplement your passion buy offering products or services that are congruent with what you are teaching.

If you're a video marketer, you can recommend products that you use for your videos like tripods, cameras, bags, or any other gear that you use.

Those recommendations would be links where if someone made a purchase, you would be compensated for the recommendation.

Here's an example of affiliate links I would share with people who are interested in the gear I use to create videos:


Destrie's Video Tool Kit


These are just a 3 creative ways for you to be able to fund your passion and build an online business from home!

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Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!